Interlibrary Loan (library)

Eniwa municipal library Interlibrary Loan condition

Look at library (room) where Interlibrary Loan is hoped for in this hotel.

We explain Interlibrary Loan system between library, and this loan condition is not condition for personal user.

Limitation in the range of hall targeted for rental

There is not limitation, but does not loan now in hall with delay.

Range of rental document

Followings are excluded.

  1. Document which we possess in Hokkaido Prefectural library
  2. Than issuance or acceptance new book document within six months
  3. Than issuance or acceptance young adult document (cobalt library, surprise library) within one year
  4. Rental prohibition document (reference book, your Shigemoto, magazine latest issue)
  5. Document that a reservation is made
  6. Document of long-term delay and collection of books ignorance
  7. Document available easily
  8. Document which other directors appoint in particular

Having rental score-limited or not

There are none.

Rental period

As a general rule, 30 days (cannot postpone.)

Rental application method

You fill in bibliographic data and possession building, destination, and please send by FAX at the following.

  • FAX number: 0123-39-6173

Having style or not

There is no style of this hotel. We follow Hokkaido library promotion meeting Interlibrary Loan official regulations.

Unnecessary of official seal required


Application time

As a general rule, please apply by FAX within opening time except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Postage burden

It is mutual burdens. (side to send bears the postage)

Sending condition at the time of return

Please specify with Interlibrary Loan document in table of packing.

Handling condition on the debt tray building side of rental document

Give along rule of debt tray building. But please use according to the condition when you show condition in the use from this hotel.

Rental application-response window

  • TEL: 0123-37-2181
  • FAX: 0123-39-6173

Other Important Notices

The rearranging period does not perform the handling especially. Hall participating in Sapporo wide area area library information network business includes range of rental document, and please follow the network business office work point.