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Eniwa chronicle

Eniwa chronicle

Document name
Eniwa chronicle
The publication year
Table of contents
We look at table of contents

Letter from step 4
Figure of fire and soil 6
Whisper of stone 8
We live in the earth 10
Red ocher of prayer 12
Come; mystery of person 14
The from 17th century to 1912 (chronicle Part 1) 18
Men who looked at Eniwa of the Edo era 22
Man called most efficient farming producer 24
In Meiji 20s, Eniwa in sequence
School was born 29
Living of Meiji 32
Oh, it is data in garden anything 36
Oh, it is photo album of garden five generations 37
1913 through 1997 (chronicle Part 2) 42
Shimamatsu soft stone buildings 48
Living under the wartime 51
Three kinds of sacred treasures 58
Wait for Eniwa; ordinary now and the bygone days 63
Eniwa history chart 70
Change of population and household of Eniwa 80
1st of the Eniwa 100th year 82
Eniwa history map 86
In the publication of magazine commemorative for Eniwa 100 years 88

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Country designated historic spot kalimba remains

Kalimba remains

Document name
Country designated historic spot kalimba remains
The Eniwa-shi Board of Education
Table of contents
We look at table of contents

Kalimba remains 2
The low ground is place of life 2
Forest of natural rich kalimba 2
Remains of a dugout, grave trace which was left for terrace aspect 2
It is soil stake grave group of the close from last part of Jomon period 3
Burying together grave where we put a lot of lacquer products in 3
Important cultural property 3
Grave and grave goods 4
Grave where we buried several people 4
We wore many accessories and were buried 4
Accessories 5
Accessories of head 5
Comma-shaped bead, ball 5
Various bracelets of plant, fell material 5
It is accessories of neck from head of person buried in 123 pit grave 5
Waist baldric 5
Chronological table 6

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Old Eniwa person

Document name
Living of old Eniwa person
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