Facility of main building

Facility information for main building



We accept rental, return, request of book, application for video.

PC (OPAC) for search

PC for search

We can search the collection of books using the title of a book and keyword including author name. It is in counter neighborhood and two places of child book corner.

Reference counter

Reference counter

Professional, library librarian of search for book introduces book which is useful for thing you are looking for from much collection of books. Call casually.

Magazine shelf

Magazine shelf

We possess magazine of approximately 140 titles. The latest information is provided.

General book corner, general reading room

General book corner

We find out book to want to read at book corner and can fully taste pleasure of reading.

General reading room

For feeling relaxed in reading room reading. We prepare 50 seats.

Study reference library

Study reference library

Matter for inquiry can use reference books such as encyclopedias. We cannot loan.

AV, relaxation corner

Relaxation corner

We can enjoy light reading such as journalism in conjunction with audio system booth at 24 seats of relaxation corners.

AV corner

We can enjoy culture, entertainment video in audio system booth. We propose at the time of the use at counter.

Child book corner, child reading seat

Child book corner

Book bringing up dream and imagination of children is full.

Child reading seat

Book is friend. Reading seat prepares 20 seats.

Room of play

Room of play

Please come to story-telling of small child. There is nursing space, too.

Room where there is no

Room where there is no

It is holding in "we talk open space" or picture-story show.

Volunteer activity room

Volunteer activity room

Story-telling circle or translation into braille, reading service group move into action.

Meeting reading room

Meeting reading room

We meet weak eyesight and read aloud and give a service.

Break corner

Break corner

When we were tired from reading, we take a short break a little here. It is space that is available for eating and drinking alone in hall.

The Internet

Internet terminal seat

We rent note PC which the Internet is available to. Application is necessary at the time of the use at counter.

Internet priority seat

Internet user is given priority and prepares six seats of usable seats.

Meeting room, assembly room

Meeting room

We use for meeting.

Assembly room

We open assembly room as self-study seat.

Seeing and hearing room

Seeing and hearing room

It is used for video movie society, concert, lecture. We can take 100 people.

Display gallery on the second floor


It is used for art exhibition or photo exhibition.

Restroom locker elevator


Restroom enters at front entrance and is on the right immediately, and there is restroom for child in the child corner depths, too. There is the second floor between gallery.


We can leave baggage at locker.


Please use elevator for the second floor other than stairs.