Reservation of book

We can make a reservation with book renting at window. In addition, we can order book in other halls. Reservation, back order is not possible on the telephone. Reservation is enabled even from library Ho Mu page when we have you use the Internet and register.
In addition, Eniwa municipal library can request book without possession at window. We purchase newly, and book which had you request does whether you order from Hokkaido Prefectural library and library of other municipalities and provides as possible.

Internet reservation

There is extension, reservation of book even from library homepage when we have e-mail address register at window. We can confirm deadline of book borrowing for return or the situation of reserved book and can register book which we have finished reading when we use MY bookshelf function and book to want to read and can touch reading record.
※Registration procedure is necessary beforehand at counter.

User object

One that owns library user card and e-mail address. About one where is lower than junior high student, agreement of protector is necessary.

Service contents

  1. Reservation of possession document from OPAC (collection of books search from Web, carrying, the hall)
  2. Status confirmation and reservation cancellation from OPAC
  3. Rental situation confirmation and postponement application (only for document without reservation to once) from OPAC
  4. Change of password from OPAC (only as for Web, the carrying)
  5. The E-mail transmission of communication available for use of reservation document

※OPAC…Searchable online library library catalogue
※Carrying…In this case cell-phone which has homepage browsing feature

Application for service reception desk

  1. Reception desk place…Municipal library Main Building, Eniwa annex, Shimamatsu annex
  2. Application…We accept attached sheet application and are identified person confirmation documents (postcards to driver's license, health insurance card, student identification card, the person) as user card

※After the registration, we send E-mail of registration completion.

Time when is impossible of the use

  1. For kind of day processing, it is not available during 5:00 a.m. from 3:00 a.m.
  2. For other server maintenance, it may not be available.