Registration, change

Person who can register

Anyone can make one and commuting, person gone to school living in the city. You fill out attached "user card grant application" in hall and attach thing which can confirm address, and please file at counter. On the same day, we rent book.
Thing which can confirm address is health insurance card, driver's license, student identification card, employee ID card. When we cannot confirm address, we rent book, but user card is sent to home by mail. User card is common throughout main building, annex.

Flow until registration

  1. We fill in matter necessary for "user card grant application"
  2. Bring thing which address can identify as "user card grant application" to counter
  3. You receive user card from the staff, and ask about information for usage
  4. It is grant completion. Issued user card is available on the same day

Person who can register

  • Person who lives in Eniwa-shi
  • Person who goes to school commuting in Eniwa-shi
  • Person who lives in the Eniwa-shi suburbs (Chitose-shi, Kitahiroshima-shi, Naganuma-cho)

Of person confirmation can do it

  • Statements of public service can confirm address driver's license, health insurance card, resident's card
  • They live outside Eniwa-shi, and, as for the attending school, student identification card, commuting come to need business card or employee ID card

If we lose user card

Please contact library immediately. We issue "temporary card".

If use registration includes change

When registration contents have change by moving, please contact library.