Book door-to-door parcel delivery service

Do you not use book door-to-door parcel delivery service?

At Eniwa municipal library, we carry out "book door-to-door parcel delivery service". We can receive book to want to read without going to visit library at home anytime. Library having difficulty in use, pregnant woman and small child are services that are convenient in which is for reasons of advanced age or the obstacle.

Flow of the use

  1. Propose

    There are four following methods.

    • Telephone 0123-37-2181
    • FAX 0123-39-6173
    • Mail 〒 061-1373 5-10-2, Meguminonishi, Eniwa-shi
    • Internet reservation
  2. Communication comes

    If dispatch is made, communication comes from library.

  3. Book arrives

    Book reaches home by delivery to home.

    It takes charge!

  4. We return book

    Delivery to home supplier will come to leave to home if you contact library.

    It takes charge!

Use guidance

Available one

  • Person resident in Eniwa-shi

※Library user registration is necessary beforehand.

Available document

  • Book, magazine which Eniwa municipal library possesses

※"Interlibrary Loan document" "carrying out prohibition document" "large size book" "most new books of magazine" are not available. For more details, to library

Rental number of books

To five books (size to enter exclusive bag)

Rental period

Until three weeks


One-way 300 yen