Rental, extension, return

When we borrow book

Bring book and user card to rental counter. Number of books is unlimited, and rental period is two weeks. Card is usable with both main building, annexes.

Extension of rental period

Only for book without reservation, we can extend for two weeks from return day. Extension is to once. We can extend even from telephone and library homepage other than window.

When we return book

Bring book to return counter. User card is unnecessary. You can return Eniwa City library book to main building, annex, book station regardless of hall which you borrowed. For after closing and closed days, please use the book post.

When book was torn

You call out to the staff in the same state without repairing with tape of home when book is torn, and page has come off, and please return. Particularly, you are not expected as use of cellophane tape will rather damage book.

If we lost book and pollute

When or loss pollutes book, as a general rule, please put the same book in library. At first please consult at counter.