The use of facility

Copy service

Using copier installing, we can copy possession document within the Copyright Act. One piece of copy is 10 yen.

Use of the Internet, PC

"Internet priority seat" is located within one using PC which we brought. We can lend PC of library to one that you do not have at "Internet terminal corner". In addition, "public wireless LAN service" is available in hall.

The seeing and hearing of movie, DVD

We can watch video and DVD of library in picture seeing and hearing booth (AV corner) for individual. In seeing and hearing room, we hold cinematograph party. At DVDbook reading seat, we can watch DVDbook of library.

The use as study hall

We open assembly room as study hall.

Reading space

We can enjoy reading at sofa seat. We can listen to FM radios by chair which provided headphones.

Eating and drinking, break space

It is only break corner to be able to eat and drink in library. There is vending machine of drink in break section, too. In addition, it is entirely non-smoking. I would like cooperation.

Small child and space that spends time

Room of play

It is with carpet floor, and there is nursing space.

Room where there is no

We talk several times in week and hold meeting.

Child restroom

There is diaper switchboard.

Meeting reading service

We give meeting reading to perform reading of document you like with one to one free.
※Prior application is necessary for the use.

Display gallery

In display gallery on the second floor, we display works such as picture, photograph.
※Prior application is necessary for the use.

Entrance display corner

Library entrance display corner accepts display among each Eniwa-shi section.
Library display corner application