Magazine sponsor system

We began magazine sponsor system to have company and store, personal everybody offer magazine to library as part of contribution to society at Eniwa municipal library. We look forward to your cooperation.


Company, store based on "Eniwa-shi library magazine sponsor system conduct summary", personal one. We cannot apply for one to raise next.

  1. Person running business of offering food and entertainment to prescribe in law (1948 law 122nd) Article 2 Clause 1 about adequacy of regulation such as business of offering food and entertainment and duties or person who runs business to be similar to these
  2. Person who runs loan business to prescribe in Moneylending Control Act (1983 law 32nd) Article 2
  3. Person who starts reproduction procedure by rule of Civil Rehabilitation Law (1999 law 225th)
  4. Person who starts reorganization procedure by rule of the Corporate Reorganization Act (2002 law 154th)
  5. Person who performs act that violated laws and ordinances
  6. Person who admits that chief librarian is not suitable other than thing to fix for each front issue

Target magazine

Please choose than "list of Eniwa municipal library magazine purchase".

Application method

Please apply for "Eniwa municipal library magazine sponsor system application" to Eniwa municipal library Main Building.

Offer period

Period to have you offer magazine is one year.

Magazine offer method

Magazine is delivered to library than direct delivery supplier after magazine delivery supplier whom Eniwa municipal library appoints was expected to pay magazine charges for one year directly.

Notice method in hall

  1. We display sponsor name with 4cm in height, size within 13cm in width on the magazine latest issue cover surface.
  2. We can publicize company profiles with size within size same as magazine on the back of the magazine latest issue cover. (the right side and the wrong side each one piece)
  3. We display sponsor name with 4cm in height, size within 13cm in width in magazine shelf. We display magazine sponsor name.